Sunday, September 8, 2013

One up!

I haven't made anything with crochet in a while. I had an itch. I keep scratching but it comes back. This is usually how my hobbies cycle. I'll get in to one thing... get my fill. Then I'll move on to the next. This is how I rotate between Photography, Crochet, and Bead work. But I suck at bead work so I just stick to the spiders. Crochet is my go to. I'm good at it. ( or so i think.) I wanted to make something quick and cute. I went in to my pattern folder and decided I'd make something... I had a pattern for Mushrooms and Snails from Amy Gaines. Which you can find Here on her etsy shop. I figured I could make a one up mushroom. All I did was make the spots go in the appropriate place and added felt eyes.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Beaded Spiders!

I love going to Wizard World Chicago Comic Con when it comes around. I went this past month and there were so many things that I wanted to buy but could not afford. There were also many things that I saw and said to myself  "I can totally make this shit! They want how much!?" So when I saw these Spiderman beaded spiders that one of the booths were selling I looked it over, took a mental inventory of what they used to make it and put it in my little memory bank.When I got home I immediately went for my bead stash. And hit up google for a basic tutorial. I used this tutorial for a rough idea to see what i had to do.
 With in 15 min i had this awesome spider.
Cost me nothing because I already had all the supplies on hand. I was satisfied and haven't stopped since... I went out to buy more beads to make some to try and sell. key work Try... we'll see how that goes...